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Counselling &Therapies at Seaforth Road Practice

My Seaforth road practice is designed to work with talking and person centred art therapies for face to face, group and couples work.


The talking therapies

The comfortable surroundings evoke a therapeutic environment for face to face talking therapies.


Situated at the borders between land and sea

There are opportunities for clients to work in an ecotherapy way, where our relationship with nature reflects our own relational behavioural and psychological state.

Person centred art therapies and sand tray work

There are spaces for inner worlds to become manifest in the two or three dimensional expressive arts. And for relationships and patterns of behaviour to be realised, investigated or reconsidered using figures in the sand tray.


Land Sea and Beach

Where land meets the sea is the beach, the liminal border between construct and wildness, conscious unconscious, constraint and freedom. Where metaphor and symbol reflect inner and outer experience and clients are free to experience issues for re-decision. Aspects of eco-therapy and eco-psychotherapy might evolve as client opens their connection to deeper natural states which may conflict with modern patterns of life. Here experiences in nature can help to reconcile some losses made in our modern lives and environments.

Figures can represent different aspects of self, groups,relationships.