Counselling for Autism

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Counselling for people who have Autism and Asperger

 I have worked with people aged from 5 to 45 who have autism for over 10 years using counselling skills. As Counsellor I have experience in NHS counselling therapist role and have my own private practice  where I work with both neurotypical people and people who have autism, aspergers and ASD's, their carers and couple work with an ASD + Neurotypical couples. I can work with individuals or siblings family members or carers.

I have witnessed what I perceive as anxiety stress, disassociation, misconceoption, bewilderment and fragmented perception in my work with people who have autism. Many therapy models do not account for the neorological differences of those within the ASD spectrum. I look to the person  and work with their  interests building up trust and ways of releiving their anxiety in order to mnove forward with therapy and their life relationships.

Email from National Autistic Society confirming addition to their counsellor Data base for working with ASD's 

Counsellor database application‏

Sent:11 April 2008 09:46:37
To: Kevin Burrows (
Dear Kevin
I am pleased to let you know that we are going to include you on our database of counsellors with an understanding of ASD. Many apologies that it has taken me a while to get back to you about this: we had a large number of applications and it is taking me a good while to get through them as I only work part-time.